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One Training Aid for Full Swing, Putting, and Short Game
Practicing with AIM creates new practice habits of Alignment before stroke and shots!
During full swings, User will set up consistently and accurately, plus he can learn to swing around his center by seeing if his head sways off the ball.
When user putt, AIM teaches him to set up with his putter face square, eyes over the ball, and shows if his head moves.
Works for both right and left-handed golfers.

Full Swing

Aim Like a Pro to Improve the Game!
Golfer's tend to get so caught up in the technical aspects of their swings that they forget about focusing on and aiming at their target. Professional golfers know that if their alignment is off their swing will get off. Imagine not worrying about where you aim a gun until the second you pull the trigger.

So many golfer's are so concerned with fixing their swings that they don't aim the "gun" first. Setting the club face square at address will help taking the club back on the right path and improve the chances of returning the club face square at impact.

It can take years to learn to swing like a pro, but we can start aiming like those ones in no time when practice with the trainer.

Start Line
Make sure alignment is dialed in when practice. Create new practice habits and start to set up consistently and accurately instead of adjusting alignment after each missed shot.

Club Face
The club face has the most impact on the initial starting direction of the ball. The driver face angle at impact is responsible for 85% of the start direction and an iron face is 75%. It's important to get club face aimed at start line in the set up to improve game.

Intermediate Target
Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and many of the other greats aim their club face at a spot a foot or so in front of the ball.


Perfect Your Eye Alignment and Head Movement
One of the fastest ways to lower handicap is to improve putting.
The best putters in the world set up with their eyes directly over the ball or slightly inside. They aim their putter square to their start line and they keep their head very still during the stroke.
AIM makes sure doing all three! The key to getting better is having an awareness of what is doing, knowing what it feels like to set up in a way that gives the best chance of making a good stroke.
AIM will get rolling the ball end over end, then all have to do is have good speed and read the putt right.

Putter Face
AIM''s club face guide teaches practicing with club face aimed at start line. The guide will also show if head moves during stroke. If the guide moves in relation to the ball it means head moved.

See Your Eyeline
The best putters in the world have their eyes directly over the ball, or slightly inside. AIM shows exactly where your eyes are. When you hide the red, you know your eyes are directly over the ball.

Improved Path
Practicing with the AIM rail set up will improve the path of stroke. If want a slight arc in stroke, practice
bringing the heel to the inside black rod, but don't cross it. It's also great for straight back straight through strokes!

Short Game

Practicing with AIM is a great way to get short game dialed in.
AIM will teach to set up with club face at landing spot and shows how to stay centered during swing.
If watch any PGA or LPGA player you will notice how little their body and head move on their short shots. Learn to swing around center with AIM.

Rail Set Up
Using the rail set up is a great way to work on swing path!

Many Ways to Set UP
Works for both right and left handed golfers.

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