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Club head weight adjustable Golf Swing Speed and Golf Swing Strength Practice Stick

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Specification: length 90cm / weight 480g, length 111cm / weight 500g

Material: rubber grip, fiber rod body, stainless steel rod head

Color: available in red, yellow, blue and white

Description: high quality rubber grip / conventional / hand type is optional, strong and tough fiber is not easy to break, the rod body is fashionable and multi-color, 304 stainless steel durable rod head, and the weight can be adjusted freely. It is a good choice for beginners to learn swing, warm-up for golfers, usual swing and exercise.

Weight adjustment range: 480g-410g-380g-310g. Follow up personal needs can gradually increase weight, reduce weight and reduce weight.

Scope of use: suitable for indoor and outdoor golf swing exercise and learning, warm-up before the game, and improve swing skills.

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