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Golf Putting Aid Alloyed Aluminium Golf Putting Ruler Golf Putting Rail

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Alloyed Aluminium Golf Putting Ruler Golf Putting Rail 

Putting rail made of Alloyed Aluminium, a Putting Aid, but more a Golf gift for all levels of Golfers.
-help golfers of all levels to improve their putting stroke.
-helping Golfers get accquanited with basic putting techniques and strategies to improve Short Strokes
-an Ajustable back-swing stop will show if back swing is too long, and help determine the accuracy of stroke at the point of impact.

Easy Carry and keeping:
-material: Alloyed Alluminium

Putting Practice whenever and anywhere!
-place the putting rail on a flat surface.
-place the ball on the Red Circled start section.
-taking care so that the putter face perpendicular to the putting line and achieve a repeatable putting.
-if occurs slice or hook, try to correcting the body and the putter for the ball to go straight stretches.
-the player can maintain posture through repetitive practice.

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