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Perfect Swing Path board for stance ball position swing path and putting path club face alignment

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Perfect Swing Path

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Perfect Swing Path Board - Ball Position
  • Golf swing trainer is based on Ben Hogan for stance.
  • Match your feet on the boards feet to get standard ball position.
  • Lower trajectory shots move right foot closer to the left.
  • For higher shots move right foot further from standard.

  • The Perfect Swing Path Board is your golf instructor teaching aid for Swing Path based on the nine ball flight laws.
  • The golf training aids in putting! Great putting track to monitor putting stroke on an arc or straight back and through.

The putting track is easy!
  • Line the putter up to the Putter Face Alignment.
  • Set your eyes over the target line.

  • Stroke the putter down the Red Arc inside the green target line.

  • Also on the board are measurements by inches on the length of the backstroke and follow-though,We like the follow-through length a little shorter than the back stroke length. 

    • Smylie Kaufman, a PGA Tour Member bought one from me to improve his putting, also Sandy Lyle uses one every day.Use the Perfect Swing Path Board for Putting.


Learn to shape your shots with the Perfect Swing Path Board!

  • Based on the nine ball flight laws and Trackman.
  • We have the perfect arc, an inside out arc (5 degrees) and an outside-in arc (5 degrees).
  • The face alignment is at (3 degrees)open,(3 degrees) close and a square face angle.

  • At set up position have face angle open and follow the Path of Blue with face angle closing to that Path to hit a beautiful draw.

  • At set up position have face angle closed and follow the Path of red with face angle opening towards the red target line to hit the fade.

  • To hit the straight shot, face angle square at address and following the green swing path to hit the perfect shot.Perfect Swing Path Board- Shot Shaping

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